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Dr. Mog sprites added to FFRK JP

posted 5 days ago by Pierre - Comment this post

I generally don't post content datamined from FFRK JP but this is just too good to pass. DeNA have added sprites for Dr. Mog and according to my good friend JCFElNino, Dr Mog will be the Roaming Warrior for a dungeon/event called the Crystal Tower.

Enjoy the sprites!

You'll find the schedule for the Summer Festival along with all relic draw banners and items. If I pick up something else, I'll update this post for sure.

Because the page will get ridiculously big, I once again decided to put it on its own page to avoid causing navigation and/or data issues. You can visit the page by clicking the link below.

Datamined content - FFRK 20170620 game update - Summer Relic Draw Festival and small stuff

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The Crystal Chronicles Episode 58 - Y'shtola is pronounced M-A-R-Y - is now available!

On this episode of The Crystal Chronicles, your hosts Pierre, Mark, John and Derek discuss:

  • Welcome back!
  • June 8th game update - MCIII, Legend Spheres/Materias
  • Where did the Men of the hour relic draw go?
  • Quick review/overview of the FFXIII (Led by Fate) and FFIX (The Spark before the Fire) events
  • Discussions - Dramatic game changes
    • Is the game intimidating for new players?
    • Where the game is going at this point
  • FFRK JP "Week in Review" (Credits: Australian Derek)

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JP Week in Review - Week 2017-22,23

posted 1 week ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had an awesome week trying your luck at the juicy XIII banners and testing yourself against 220 Proudclad. The jumpstart is always easy but good luck with event mastery!


I had to give myself another week off due to a hectic work schedule so we have a bit to catch up on. I am considering changing the day that these get posted on to try and land at a time that's not so busy so we can get back to weekly moving forward. Let's see what's been happening: 


JP Week in Review!


Launch of FFVII mini Event Shinra 100-man challenge

  • A fun mini event that was basically a single full throttle time attack stage where you would have to fight waves of enemies and (weak) bosses. Sephiroth required in party as mastery condition. 
  • The highlight of this event was the battle is easy, repeatable, costs 7 stamina and rewards a major dark orb for clear times under one minute. This is pretty easy (I was clearing sub 20s and insane JP players were coming in sub 10s) so a great stamina efficient source of major dark orbs if you have the time to do it. 
  • Also a set of campaign rewards for cumulative enemy kills in this battle by the community, topping out at 7 mythril for 7,777,777 kills. Milestones reached on day one!


Launch of FFIV TAY Event Fabul's Royalty

  • Introduction of Ursula Combat 5, Monk 5, Celerity 5
  • New Summon 5 ability Ogopogo: 1-3 AOE water summon magic damage, number of hits depending on users MAG.
  • New Monk 5 ability Gaia Crush: 4 x ST earth physical damage with high crit chance.
  • New USB released for Ceodore, Kain, Rydia, Golbez
  • New BSB released for Tellah, Rydia, Ursula
  • New LM relics released for Ceodore, Tellah, Kain, Rydia. Ursula. Golbez


Launch of FFX Event Where Pasts Overlap

  • Return to the Full Open format - one page event with everything up to and including 220 open day one, expecting revenge dungeons shortly. 
  • No new characters
  • No new abilities
  • New USB released for Paine, Jecht, Braska
  • New BSB released for Tidus
  • New LM relics released for Paine, Wakka, Jecht, Braska


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFXIV gets a new addition to the nightmare rotation - face off against Garuda! Comes with the standard set of three dungeons at 200/250/300. Didn't seem particularly hard at any level due to fire weakness and a lot of people probably having snagged a handful of XIV relics at some stage. 


FFRK Report #23

  • This was a big one because not only do we get a peak at the event schedule, but also some overhauls to the game!
  • Event schedule FFIV (ongoing), FFX (ongoing), FF Tactics Advance (new addition, resulted from player poll "Most Wanted New Series for FFRK"), FFIX
  • Incoming game updates:
    • Maximum inventory will be increased for items and abilities
    • Favorite Party slots will be increased from 20 to 60(!)
    • Crystal Tower Beta - making a return from the successful 30th Anniversary Crystal Tower, this will feature bosses from recent events and also include Cid Missions for extra 5* Fragments.
    • Daily Dungeon updates: it will be made easier to obtain major orbs and crystals will finally drop(!) 
    • Fragment Dungeon updates: these will see a drastic update increasing the amount of 4* fragments that can be obtained(!)
    • Ability balancing: a lot of 5* and 6* abilities will be balanced soon, more updates to follow.
  • Daily missions to make a return starting 23 June. 
  • FFXIV Stormblood launch campaign: will include daily login bonuses, a special FFXIV lucky draw June 20
  • Tanabata Campaign will be held, including 7 mythril gift on July 7. Don't miss out!


And I think that's it for this week. More exciting developments in game which is great to see. Do tune in next week to find out if anything exciting pops up in the meantime!



As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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