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The Crystal Chronicles Episode 35 - Friendship Ribbit - is now available!

On this episode of The Crystal Chronicles, we discuss:

  • DeNa Global (San Francisco offices) shutting down, what does this mean for FFRK?
  • "The Friendship Ribbon" (FFIX) event, dungeons up to Ultimate ++ and both of it's Relic Draw banners
  • Curaga Nightmare Dungeon
  • "Thorns of the Rose" (FFII) event preview
  • FFRK JP "Week in Review" (Credits: Australian Derek)

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Curada Nightmare Guardian Tips

posted 6 days ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Before we start this let me preface this by saying this boss is unfair. There will be times where you move the target to the enemy only to have it shot back at you just before the cannon goes off. What I would like to do is share some tips to minimise the chances of this happening in the event you would like to clear the fight as intended. 

I'm not going to cover setups or suggested equipment as that is covered at length elsewhere, though I will share a shot of my team at the end. 

Key Finding:

A useful measure of time between the DIFFUSION BEAM CANNON: ONLINE notification and the cannon firing is that it takes slightly longer than the time it takes to cast 2 WHM spells back to back. 

With this in mind you can ensure you pass the target off as close to the cannon firing as possible and minimise the chance of it being passed back. This knowledge can be exploited through the use of 'spotters' who will cast a gauging spell first to show the target character when to start casting their spell. This is how I made the most of it:

1. Make sure you have a lot of hones

You could get away with a couple of trash abilities with 10 uses, for example 3 star cure spells or Diara. Though these may not be as effective as stronger abilities you can use them as a second ability on two 'spotters'. 

When you are in a position to pass the target status back to the enemy wait for the prompt DIFFUSION BEAM CANNON: ONLINE. 

As this prompt is on the screen and the game time is briefly stopped, start casting an ability on one of your 'spotters'. 

When this 'spotter' ability is in it's cast animation game time will stop again briefly - this is where you want to start your character with the target status casting at the enemy. Technically you should go slightly after but this is the time least prone to error and only incurs a very small risk. 

For me this would often be an un-targeted curaga/curaja to heal my party up a bit; when the cast animation was going off I knew it was time to start casting to pass the target. 

2. Consider changing your Skip Order options

Given the use of 'spotters' with this strategy making sure you get to the right character in your party quickly is very important. For this reason you may find the Party Order setting for Skip Order to be most effective - this will result in skip to going to the next party member with a full ATB bar in top to bottom order, not in order of who's bar charged when. 

This option can be found by going into the menu from the home screen, and then into Config. 

3. Consider piling multiple Target Acquired status' onto one character

Not a new observation I'm sure but when you get to the later stages of the fight with 2 or 3 targets being acquired, consolidating them on to one character so that they can reassign all 3 to the boss may be easier to manage.

Do note this is more appropriate to attacking the Guardian - you want to keep your targets separate when attacking the Launchers. 

4. Consider the Phantasm ninja skill, even if you are doing the fight by the target passing method

I used this skill in my clear just to help speed up the early phase with only 1 target acquired status being inflicted. 

I haven't seen this mentioned specifically, but I found it beneficial to burn down one of the launchers with two casts of it to cut out a round of target reassigning, and also to chip away at the guardian during it's first vulnerable phase to speed up the progress to multiple targets acquired. Gauge how well you can tank the retaliate damage and go from there. Once you have multiple targets the boss should start to go down faster and faster, but speeding up this early stage is nice. 

I hope this one simple trick will help make the Nightmare Guardian somewhat less stressful. Good luck with obtaining the Curada Record!

And as always, keep up the good work and keep saving those Mythrils!

Suggested party - click for bigger version
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FFRK Cental brings you an official response by DeNa about the future of the game.



JP Week in Review - Week 42

posted 6 days ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had another banger of a weak and aren't getting too trashed by the Curada nightmare!

JP Week in Review!

Launch of II Event The Plotting Tyrant

  • Introduction of The Emperor - Black 5, Darkness 5, White 4, Summon 4
  • New OSB released for Firion and Maria
  • New BSB released for Emperor, Leila and Gordon
  • New Thief 5 ability Poison Leaf added - 2 x ST poison elemental, bonus damage if daggers equipped. Coincidentally Leila's new BSB has attach poison on entry.

Lucky Draw banner released 19 Oct, up until 26 Oct. One time pull, half price with the theme this time being Physical AOE Soul Breaks. This banner pool has a very wide range of relics from awesome to rubbish, but does feature 26 BSB, 1 OSB and 1 USB. Good luck to those that pull!

Nightmare dungeons return with the addition of FFII Three Gigases. Test yourself against these new 200 and 250 difficulty challenges!

Halloween Campaign details released

  • Find the Kefka minigame - tiered rewards released starting 27 Oct depending on how well the player base does.
  • Halloween gifts sent to all players 21 Oct - Witch Staff and Pumpkin Hat.
  • EXP event dungeon tied to VI event will be running during the Halloween campaign
  • Retweet for stamina refresh campaign will be making a return 21 Oct - 31 Oct.

I think that's it for this week, I thought it felt quiet but there is actually a fair amount happening. Enjoy the upcoming events and Halloween Campaign, and do tune in for the next installment of JP Week in Review!

As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!

Best wishes from Australia, Derek. 

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