JP Week in Review - Week 2017-17

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Hope you’ve had another awesome week and have enjoyed testing yourself against the new Apocalypse++ raid bosses.


We've had another quite week in the Japanese version of the game in the lead up to the imminent 30th Anniversary celebrations. Let's check it out!



JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFT event Unyielding Sword Oath

  • Back to the original event format which is a bit of a bummer. Hope to see the FFII format make a return soon!
  • Introduction of Meliadoul: Support 5, Knight 5, Combat 4
  • No new abilities this week
  • New USB for Rapha, Delita, Ovelia, March
  • New BSB for Meliadoul
  • New LM Relics for Rapha, Marach, Delita, Ovelia


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFT rotates back in as a recurring dungeon with the standard set of 200/250/300 difficulties available. A good chance to clean up any dungeons or CM that you have missed before, or farm some orbs if that takes your fancy.


Golden Week Festival

  • Not quite upon us yet, but we have already enjoyed the lead in 3 x lucky draw banners, being Medica BSB only, BSB or better only, 6* relics only. Some amazing banners to look forward to for global!
  • I won’t go too much further into the schedule as it was discussed briefly last week but will link the megathread written by CareerSMN for those interested.



And that’s all she wrote for this week. Do tune in next week to here about all the amazing additions for this year’s Golden Week festival, and also the upcoming Bra Bra collaboration. Some of the new additions will shock you!



As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

When I started working on FFRK Central in August 2015, I wasn't sure where it would take me. What started with a desire to see how FFRK worked turned into a 20-month long adventure from which incredible things such as the FFRK Slack chat and the Crystal Chronicles podcast emerged.

Thruout the last few months, my interest (and the time invested) in FFRK declined and I started to feel that I no longer had the required credibility to host The Crystal Chronicles. While Ben, Mark and Derek were nothing but incredibly supportive, the fact that I had nothing but my usual mispronunciations to contribute to the show really irritated me and I could see that it affected the quality of the episodes we were producing.

After talking with the guys about it once more, we decided to take a week off and see how we felt afterwards. Unfortunately, after thinking about it all week, I could but realise that the motivation was no longer in me. I had barely played the last event past obtaining the new characters and even that felt like a chore. I waited as much as I could, hoping I'd feel any different but nothing changed. So after one more discussion with the guys, we all agreed that the time had come for us to end our collaboration after 58 incredible episodes. I'm going to miss those Wednesday night talks and our loyal Twitch crew. We worked really hard to give quality content to our listeners and I hope it showed. 

Now, about FFRK Central. I don't think I'm going to be making much more development, mostly for the same reasons I've mentioned above. Because of this, I have terminated the Patreon campaign because it doesn't feel right to take people hard earned money and give nothing in exchange. While I don't plan on shutting down the site, I'm going to be adjusting a few things over the next few weeks, mostly for financial reasons. You're welcome to keep using the profile feature of the site as long as it keeps working and I'll try to make the small adjustments here and there when new game updates break the site. This being said, I will no longer be making maintenance datamining posts or other major feature development. I'm also going to be slowing down my implication around the @ffrkcentral Twitter feed.

FFRK Slack chat. Don't worry, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The FFRK Slack community is a thing of its own and it doesn't belong to me. It's gonna keep being active, awesome and alive for as long as people still use it and I'll still hang around, that's for sure.

To end this already long post, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone on FFRK Slack chat, our loyal Twitch viewers and everybody who supported this project thru Twitter and Facebook. I know it's ridiculously cliché but I couldn't have done it without your support. While I can't help feeling like I'm letting everybody down, I hope you'll understand my decision and that you won't hold it against me too much.

For those who would like to keep in touch, you're welcome to follow me on Twitter at @Fuitad. I can also be reached by email at Fuitad [at] Gmail [dot] com.

Thank you and take care!

-- Pierre

JP Week in Review - Week 2017-16

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Hope you're enjoying the post anniversary catch up and the buzz of the anticipated bevy of FFXI beauties joining us soon.


We've had another quite week in the Japanese version of the game which to be honest is a nice opportunity to catch your breath and recharge before things ramp up again at the end of the month. Let's check it out!


JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFII event Inherited Blazing Will

  • Overhaul of event structure: this is a beta test, which sees the full event content all the way up to 220 released on day one. This is shorter with only one page of dungeons (no part one/part two). A few days later, a second mini set of revenge dungeons from a previous FFII event were added. Over all the change seems positive if a big break from the familiar format.
  • Introduction of Scott: Spellblade 5, Combat 4, Knight 4, White 4, Black 3
  • New Spellblade 5 ability Freeze Strike: 2 x AOE ice physical damage.
  • New Darkness 5 ability Crimson Cross: 4 x ST dark physical damage, self 30% max HP damage.
  • New USB for Gordon, Minwu, Emperor, Leon
  • New BSB for Scott, Ricard, Josef
  • New LM Relics for Gordon, Minwu, Emperor, Leon


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFII rotates back in as a recurring dungeon with the standard set of 200/250/300 difficulties available. A good chance to clean up any dungeons or CM that you have missed before, or farm some orbs if that takes your fancy. 


Empower Wind/Water/Earth Lucky draw

  • One time half price 11 pull, SSB or better. This is potentially an amazing banner to pull on depending on your dupe situation with 24 empower element BSB present in a pool of 32 relics.


7th Nico Livestream held

  • This has largely been a massive preview of the upcoming 30th Anniversary celebrations to be held over Golden Week. I will share a link to the thread written by CareerSMN rather than cover it all at length again. Needless to say this appears to be a massive festival that will cast a huge shadow over even the amazing 2nd Anniverary celebrations. 
  • Event schedule announced a bit further out: FFII (ongoing), FFT, BraBra collab, FFIII.
  • Magicite wave 2 teased, including announcements of Holy and Dark magicites to be added and also a new story character - Shadow Smith. 


And I think that's a wrap for this week. Whoo boy does it look like a cracker end to the month, gird your mythrils and wallets because it looks like A30 is coming in hot!


As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

JP Week in Review - Week 2017-15

posted 2 weeks ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you're enjoying the break and the extended anniversary celebrations, and have made it out the other side with some mythril intact.


Actually a pretty quite week in the Japanese version of the game this time, but a nice opportunity to take a breath and catch up on any content or farming you haven't been able to get to. Let's check it out!


JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFVI event Searching for Friends

  • Introduction of Umaro: Combat 5, Monk 5, Shooter 5
  • Introduction of Gogo: Combat 5, Black 5, White 5
  • New Samurai 5 ability Kamae Engetsu: 2 x ST fire physical damage, grant retaliate to self.
  • New Samurai 5 ability Batou Ranen: 4 x ST fire physical damage, 50% critical hit chance if user has retaliate status.
  • New Ninja 5 ability Shadow Mirage: 1 x ST dark physical damage, grant blink to self and enter blink stack 2 mode.
  • New Ninja 5 ability Dark Seal: 2-4 ST dark physical damage, additional hits depend on number of blinks on user.
  • New USB for Shadow, Setzer, Cyan
  • New BSB for Umaro, Gogo, Gau
  • New LM Relics for Shadow, Setzer, Cyan and Gogo


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFVI gets a new nightmare dungeon with the appearance of Hidon, including the standard 200/250/300 difficulty dungeons. Deadly trash in this one so do take care!


Empower Fire/Ice/Lightning Lucky draw

  • One time half price 11 pull, SSB or better. This is potentially an amazing banner to pull on depending on your dupe situation with 23 empower element BSB present in a pool of 38 relics.


FFRK Report #21 released

  • Event schedule is FFVI (ongoing), FFII, FFT.
  • Spring mythril giveaway announced with an extra 10 mythril up for grabs from daily logins.
  • 7th Livestream Broadcast announced, with a tease on reveals for 30th Anniversary Commemorations to be held during golden week later this month, as well as further information on upcoming collaborations and the next wave of magicite dungeons.


And I think that's a wrap for this week. It looks like we should be in for an exciting end to the month with some celebrations coming up and more magicite dungeons, so do tune in to hear what exciting things DeNA have in store for us next!


As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

Editor note: This post was sent to FFRK Central on March 29th and the editor (Pierre) took forever to publish it. Please keep this in mind as you read the article.

My thoughts on FFRK’s second year anniversary, and what lies ahead, from a Day 1 player:

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who were asking me for a follow-up to the first column I wrote. I honestly don’t even know where to start. There are so many new and exciting developments in the works for this mobile game it makes me wonder how someone picking it up for the first time would fare. 

As far as the anniversary goes, I think DeNa did quite a good job on the banners, and boy do they know how to sucker us in!  Just when you think you might have somewhere close to the amount of mythril needed to pull on each of the banners, they throw in 3 lucky banners, days before, to really get your goat. (BTW, Goat gotten, pulled every time).

While we’re on the topic of pulls, I’d like to respond to the gentleman who spent 21k a year on relics. To this man, I say THANK YOU, for reassuring myself that I wasn’t as crazy as I thought I was with pulling. I mean come on, we’ve all been there.  You see a banner with something you really want, and your excited to pull, then you get a 1/11 and it’s a duplicate. Ok, so you were kind of expecting it, (at least I always am), so you get ready for pull number 2 and guess what happens…? You just got a 2/11, both duplicates of the duplicate you just got. Well before you know it, you’ve pulled 4 – 5 times with something you only half wanted and then you have to will yourself into being ok with that. See unlike the gentleman who wrote the article, the money isn’t-a-flowin’ in my house like it is his. I too, went to the fancy colleges, and went to grad school, but I guess I took a step out of bounds somewhere, because not once have I ever bought 3 Leviathan packs and went to town. It’s a dream I’ve had, never a reality.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just buy the relic you wanted for a crazy number of gems? That would be the one change I’d make to relics, and probably the reason why DeNa would fire me.  Everyone from the site and twitter who knows me knows that there are two things I’ve been missing since day 1. Wall, and Pecil – (My last attempt at Pecil was the Ultros banner – 10 pulls). I would like to immediately defend those 10 pulls by saying my birthday was 3 days before and because I’m no fool I requested iTunes gift cards in lieu of anything else. I only care about Pecil because he was my first favorite character, and honestly even if I did receive any of his relics, I wouldn’t even use him as my mage team is pretty much unbeatable. Now wall is a different story.  To those of you who have it, imagine doing all the toughest battles without it. Try picturing the torments or the nightmares always having to RW Stoneskin, or Shout. (I just got Shout on Saturday…woohoo). It SUCKS! But hey I’ve managed to keep up with the best of them.  And to get back to the point of this paragraph – I would most certainly spend maybe 5,000 or even 10,000 gems on Stoneskin right now. (And probably more from Pecil, he’s my white whale).

To sum the anniversary up, I think the game is doing a wonderful job with new updates and new features. I was looking at the upgrade screen earlier, remembering a simpler time, back before there was an Orb Exchange, breaking level caps, and record spheres (STILL NO EIKO WTF!). It has definitely come a long way and it really keeps me busy, so much so that I forgot about my half-finished Final Fantasy XV. The addition of the Nightmare and Torment dungeons definitely made the game much tougher and enjoyable. I can only imagine what aggravation; sorry I mean fun, the Magicite dungeons will bring. I also love how they made Nemesis more interactive, displaying an Honor Rolls of sorts to those who have vanquished him.

I’d also like to take a minute and discuss how grateful I am to this site, and the person behind it.  I have been playing Final Fantasy for 30 years - I got the original for my NES back when I was 9ish. My whole life I was the only person I knew who played RPG’s – and that’s ok, that’s why they make guidebooks. There was just something always missing, I would hear my friends talk strategy about Madden and wanted the same. Well thanks to FFRK.Central I finally got what I was looking for… It may have taken 30 years but it was well worth the wait. What Pierre has done on this site is nothing short of a miracle. From the Roaming Warrior list, to announcements, you can even sync your game to the site for a more in-depth look at your party and equipment. But even better than that, it’s the people I have met and the friends I have made that really make this site worthwhile. I talk to Brandon almost, if not more than I do my own spouse, and I never expected someone halfway around the world to wish me a Happy Birthday from the Aussie who loves the torments as much I do.  For all these reasons, Thank you Pierre, I hope nothing but more continued success comes your way.

And by the way, if you’re having a hard time with pulls or with a boss battle, remember what I said about the wine.  And if it’s Infinity Nemesis that’s tying you down, you might have to upgrade to Xanax. And in case you were wondering about those 10 Ultros pulls, got everything but, wait for it, Pecil, and the Onion Knights burst.

Pip Pip!


JP Week in Review - Week 2017-14

posted 3 weeks ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had another awesome week with a gentle landing from the 2nd Anniversary and have had fun reviewing all of your new relics!

The Japanese version of the game has seen a fairly standard but fun packed week so let's get to it!


JP Week In Review!


Launch of the FFV Event Four Hearts

  • No new characters this week
  • New Spellblade 5 ability Quake Strike: 2 x AOE Earth Physical Damage
  • New USB released for Bartz, Faris and Exdeath
  • New BSB for Bartz and Dorgann. I believe this makes Bartz the first character with three BSB relics!
  • New LM relics released for Bartz, Faris, Galuf and Exdeath.
  • New Dress Record for Faris - Princess Sarisa!


Launch of special Ultros Event

  • Home Screen of FFRK hijacked by Ultros
  • Official FFRK JP twitter account hijacked by Ultros
  • Bonus dungeon to face ??? difficulty Ultros. Apparently unkillable by conventional methods, you must figure out the hidden mechanic to win.
  • Free shared 6* relic - Tentacle! VI synergy rod with shared OSB at 25.8 multiplier. Not that great but as a free stat stick it's really, really good!
  • 8 x apology mythril issued: Ultros was supposed to be recruitable as a playable character, but he ran away. Also as reparation for the twitter account being hijacked.


Dungeon Update 37 Released

  • Taking us back to FFIII, FFV and CC:VII (new realm portal in story dungeons!)
  • Recurrence of the JP style DU lucky banner - 1 free single pull, everything else full price.
  • Recurrence of limited time half price stamina for all story dungeons. A great chance to catch up or keep up!


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFV Nightmare has rotated back in, so a good chance to knock out any of the dungeons or cid missions that you might have missed before!


And I think that's a wrap for this week. Not a huge week but a lot of fun, particularly the April 1 Ultros event. I expect there will be another FFRK report hours after this review hits the wild (thanks DeNA), so do tune in next week to hear what exciting new things are in store!


As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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