These images are all related to the upcoming FFVX campaign DeNA is launching. As always, click on any image to see the full version.

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These images were datamined early morning and are all related to the upcoming Newcomers' Welcome Campaign / Newcomics' Welcome Relic Draw. I really should have posted this WAY earlier but a certain RimWorld has been keeping me pretty hooked 0_0. It's a miracle I even escaped it's hold.

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Event announcement and daily bonuses

Event dungeons




Event Relic Draw Banners




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Hello everyone! I have a few site updates for you.

1. FFRK profiles

The FFRK profiles now display the player's growth eggs and motes! If your profile indicates you have no mote, just do a synchronization and you will be able to see them!

By the way, it seems like the one-time code feature has not been pulled offline yet so if you considered using the account sync feature of this site, I suggest you do it sooner rather than later.

2. Dungeon pages

Even if I'm not done redoing the monster abilities section of the dungeon pages, I went ahead and pushed the new dungeon pages anyway. The new look, which was taken from the JP version of FFRK, is much cleaner and makes it easier to see what are the strength and weaknesses of each monster. Just visit any dungeon page (such as Thirst for Victory ++, from the current FFVIII event) and click on the "Enemies" tab to see the new version.

I hope you enjoy these changes :). To request a new feature, or to report a bug, please open an issue on the FFRK Central issue page at Github.

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Good morning everyone!

As stated in my last news post, Changes Regarding Data Transfers - What it means for FFRK Central, DeNA is going to remove the ability to generate one time codes to link your account on another device on August 2nd, which is tomorrow. The removal of one time codes means you will no longer be able to link your FFRK account on this website to use the profile feature (if you don't know what the profile feature is, take a look at mine).

If you've been thinking about using this site to help you manage your FFRK account and/or make it easier to get advice, I suggest you make a decision today because if you don't, DeNA is going to make the call for you 

The Crystal Chronicles Episode 61 - Kupo, you know what I mean? - is now available!

On this episode of The Crystal Chronicles, your hosts Pierre, Mark and John discuss:

  • Tyro Selection Banner Vol. 2 - the great G11 conspiracy
  • DeNA removing One Time Transfer codes, what this means for FFRK Central account sync feature
  • Quick recap of upcoming events
  • Current events
    • "Into the Fray" (Type-0)
    • "Torment" (FF10) - farm those Major Dark Orbs!
    • "As the Sky Falls" (FF8)
  • Coming Soon
    • Magicite Dungeons (Elemental Banners)
    • Super Fest (??)
    • 30th Anniversary Banners (??)
  • Discussion
    • Preparing for Magicite - Elemental Teams
    • How do you manage your inventory?
    • Who is the real villain of FFRK?
  • FFRK JP "Week in Review" (Credits: Australian Derek)

Links mentioned in this episode:

Intro Music: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD OST - The Beginning of the End -

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JP Week in Review - Weeks 2017-27, 2017-28

posted 2 weeks ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had an awesome week farming Geo while we wait for a proper event. Type-0 strikes again. 


A lot has happened since we last caught up (sorry for the delay) with a little bit of everything in the mix, so let's check it out:



JP Week in Review!


Launch of FFXIII-2 Event Crossroads of Time

  • No new characters this week
  • No new abilities this week
  • New USB released for Noel, Serah, Hope, Snow, Sazh
  • New BSB released for Serah
  • LM relics featured for Noel, Serah, Snow, Hope, Sazh, Lightning
  • Full open format so a quick one to get through. Notable here was the rewards on the recurring Proudclad Full Throttle were reset so yay for free stuff!


Mote Dungeon Update

  • The Mote Dungeon revamp is here, and with it come farmable 4* motes
  • A mote dungeon will always be open, and they will rotate every two days.
  • Each mote dungeon features a relatively easy boss that is weak to one element.
  • This is full throttle format with only one SB bar available to start the battle.
  • First time and mastery rewards will give a decent amount of motes. 
  • Completion rewards will give 6 x 4* motes each time you farm the boss. If you can beat the boss in under 30 seconds, you will get a bonus 4 x 4* motes for a total of 10. 
  • These dungeons cost 60 stamina. Pretty expensive way to supplement mote income but better than farming multiplayer if you're desparate. 


Protect The Espers mini event launched

  • This was basically an easier version of Crystal Tower but with a FFVI/Kefka theme. Nothing much else to say, another source of cheap, easy rewards. 


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFXIII got it's first nightmare dungeon with the introduction of Barthandelus! He's already left but presented a good challenge on both the 200 and 300 cid missions. The 300 version in particular has a nasty 30 second doom timer after the Pauldron/Ailette are destroyed which makes the 3 man cid mission quite interesting....


FFRK Report #24 released

  • This report really seemed to be a lot of fluff more than exciting content but given what we've become used to that was to be expected at some point. Hilights were:
  • Event schedule: FFXII (complete), FFXIII-2 (ongoing), FFVI (starting today), FFIII, FF Type-0
  • Girls Record Collection campaign: An opportunity to obtain all of the previously released female character's dress records.
  • Crystal tower coming back July 30, hopefully a step back up in challenge compared to Protect the Esper
  • New Magicite features: 4* Magicite dungeons under development (hype!), and new Magicite inheritance mechanic teased. Sounds like some sort of fusion/prestige feature, more news as it lands!
  • Free stuff daily login campaigns: Zodiac Age Release campaign, MO 1st Anniversary campaign. 


Lucky Banners

  • A lucky banner was just released featuring relics that have +lightning bonuses. Some great things here so do check out the relic listing, good luck if you pull!
  • Next lucky banner also leaked - 5* Spellblade users. Will be interesting to see how they curate this as the pool looks quite large. 



And I think that's it for this week. A pretty nice period in the game - plenty of things to do but not overwhelming. The full open format on the weekly events helps to alleviate some pressure and I for one would love to see that more and more moving forward. Do tune in next week to here what other exciting things DeNA has in store for us!



As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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