The Crystal Chronicles Episode 51 - Still Alive - is now available!

On this episode of The Crystal Chronicles, we discuss:

  • Announcements: So many in the last two weeks
  • Quick recap of what happened in the last FFIV Event (Cid!)
  • "Dawn of a Legend" (FFI) event, introduction of Master and Matoya, dungeons up to Ultimate ++ and both of Relic Draw banners.
  • Multiplayer FFI Raids
  • FFRK JP "Week in Review" (Credits: Australian Derek)
  • Fire Emblem Heroes minute
  • Announcement for next week's Twitch Special giveaway

Links mentioned in this episode:

Intro Music: FF1 - Matoya's Cave - Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy Music Extended -

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Due to a power outage that occured during the podcast, there is no YouTube video this week :(

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JP Week in Review - Week 2017-7

posted 6 days ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had another awesome week clearing the FF1 event and have pulled some awesome relics on the DU29 banner if you dared to pull!


Another typical week in the Japanese version of the game with the regular challenge event and Nightmare rotation so let's get to it -


JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFXIV event Return of the Enterprise

  • Introduction of Cid Garlond: Support 5, Machinist 5, Combat 4. Realize your dreams of a party full of Cids!
  • No new abilities this week.
  • New USB released for Y'shtola, Minfillia and Yda
  • New OSB released for Papalymo
  • New BSB released for Cid Garlond and Thancred
  • New LM relics released for Y'shtola, Minfillia, Papalymo and Yda
  • Banners generally panned, with the new Y'shtola USB being hilariously unappealing.


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFII has left, and FFXII has been introduced with a full set of 200, 250 and 300 (Full Throttle) battles - face off against the Ice Emperor Mateus!

 Valentine celebrations

  • Free mythril gifts offered similar to the global gifts.
  • Medica banner introduced. This is full price however does include some great medicas such as Eiko and Yuna USB, Yuna BSB, and a couple of guts options such as Relm BSB and Prishe SSB. Possibly a good banner to pull on if you need to fill these gaps in your portfolio.

FFRK Report 19 released

  • In typical fashion DeNA released the next FFRK report hours after the last Week in Review. Let's take a peek at the future of the future:
  • Event schedule is FFXIV (ongoing), FFX, FF Type-0, FFVIII, Dirge of Cerebus FFVII
  • A double greens campaign announced to commence mid February with the promise of a commemorative gift!
  • New limited time Record Missions are set to be added late February. These were last held during Anniversary 2 and are effectively Cid Missions for story dungeons. This batch are expected to reward 3*, 4* and 5* fragments so don't miss out


That's a wrap for this week. Again another steady week and still full steam ahead on the Full Throttle beta. Do tune in next week to hear what exciting new things are introduced with the upcoming FFX event. See you next time!



As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

JP Week in Review - Week 2017-6

posted 1 week ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had another awesome week and have met some success in the trying new FFVII Torment!


Another seemingly quite yet somehow quite hectic week in the Japanese game; the list of occurences is short but with the overlap of the end of month XIII event & multiplayer plus the XII event & multiplayer it has turned out to be quite busy. Let's get down to business -


JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFXII event Victim of Conspiracy

  • Introduction of Reks: Combat 5, Spellblade 5, Black 4, White 4, Knight 3
  • New Shooter 5 ability Icicle Shoot: 2 x ST ranged Ice damage, multiplier increases if ranged weapon is equipped.
  • New USB released for Vaan and Fran
  • New OSB released for Vayne
  • New BSB released for Balthier and Reks
  • New LM relics released for Vaan, Balthier, Fran and Vayne. Some are actually handy for a change!


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFX has left, and FFT has returned with the original 200/250 difficulties and an all new FT 300 difficulty version. Quite a tough addition as far as 300 FT Nightmares go!


Dungeon Update 35 released

  • Taking us back to FFT, FFIII and FFXIII. For those keeping count at home, we've now ticked over 190 stamina with the maximum now being 190 (excluding gysahl shards
  • Recurrence of the JP style DU lucky banner - 1 free single pull, everything else full price.
  • Recurrence of limited time half price stamina for all story dungeons. A great chance to catch up or keep up!


That's a wrap for this week! Some particularly difficult 200+ content in the FFXIII, FFXII and FFT Nightmare so I will be circling this week on my calendar for Global (and maybe booking a holiday!)

Do tune in next week to hear what other exciting new things are introduced. We have a XIV event coming up soon and we should hopefully be seeing the banners later today, some of the new relics are sure to shock you! See you next time!


As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.


This is just in! There will be a Double the Gysahl Greens event from February 9th to March 12th. The event is scheduled to start on 5pm PST.

Warning: Maybe it's just me but I'm wondering if there's not an error in the dates they put in because a whole month worth of double greens seems pretty long to me. There's a chance they wanted to do Feb 9th to Feb 12th. I'll update this post if they change the dates.

Fresh off the servers! It's not much more at least, it confirms we'll have some kind of Valentine's day bonus :D

My good friend ElNinoFr (known as Nino Nino in Slack chat) has a little FFRK related survey up right now and asked me to tell you about it.

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a small survey about 5* abilities and i'd like your opinion about it.

Please do this survey only once.

For each ability, there's 2 questions to answer. If you never used this ability, please just skip both and check the next one.

1st form is the usefulness of the ability based on YOUR experience with it. Never used it ? Skip it.
2nd form is the OPTIMAL honing rank you'd like to reach. Never used it ? Skip it.

Note : If you misclick an ability you wanted to skip, you cannot remove it... If this happen, please put "10" (usefulness) or "5" (honing) for the misclicked ONLY & say it in the comment at the end of the survey !

If you want to get involved, you can access the survey thru this link. There's also a Reddit thread about it, in case you want to make a comment or report any issue.

On his behalf, thanks!

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