Name Rarity Description Status Ailments Magic School
  Darkmoon Deal physical damage to all targets, with a slight chance to Silence them. Samurai
  Demonsblood Deal two physical attacks to all targets, and temporarily allow the user to counter physical attacks. Samurai
  Fire Blossom Deal physical fire damage to all targets. Samurai
  Flashing Blade Deal two attacks that always hit all targets. Samurai
  Hailstorm Deal two physical ice attacks to one target, lower the user's Resistance, and raise the user's Attack a moderate amount. Samurai
  Iai Strike Damage and sometimes instantly KO one target. Samurai
  Mirror of Equity Deal physical damage to one target, and Sap the user, temporarily raising Attack. Samurai
  Retaliate Automatically counter physical attacks received for the duration of the ability. Samurai
  Yukikaze Deal physical damage to all targets and sometimes Blind them. Samurai