John's corner - Beating The Ravenous Deep Torment Dungeon

posted 6 months ago by John Yates - Comment this post

Trying to do a Torment with no wall? Gross; welcome to my world.

The Ravenous Deep (FFX)

Second Torment Dungeon 1/17/17

Boss: Geosgaeno

Level: 200

Medaling: Lower Attack, Lower Magic, Exploit Water Weakness

Normally I don’t complain about my many failed attempts at trying to obtain either Sentinel’s Grimoire or Stoneskin. Between Unsung Hero on Ramza, and Divine Guardian on Garnet, I usually tend to do pretty well without them. I normally have it set as my RW on the more grueling battles, but with that being said, wall RW didn’t help me out all that much and could have gone without it.

This torment had me rattled. I thought going into it I was set, being that I have amazing FFX synergy, having Tidus’s, Wakka’s, and Yuna’s (no matter how unfortunate it is) bursts. I went into it originally with my physical team, and after 4 hours, lots of cursing and a considerable amount of wine I decided to put the game down for the night and next day decided to go magic.

Magic was better, I’m not going to lie.  Even with Tidus’s water burst, and Alphinaud’s Deployment Tactics in play I just wasn’t doing any damage. I brought in Rinoa and Hope (Both with bursts), along with Alphinaud for his DT boostaga/reflect barrier - he probably does the most damage on my team with that. Needed support so here comes Edward in tow with his hastaga/magic boost which stacks with Alphinauds, and Arc has my healer/hero of the battle with his instant heal/physical blink.

The bread and butter of this fight for me was timing his regurgitation with the instant heal/blink. I’m also used to major regen, which would have helped immensely in this battle, but Garnet alone wasn’t cutting it. My other AOE healer is Eiko, but with her long absence from record spheres, combined with her VERY low HP makes her unusable. I really didn’t need the wall, he hit me so hard with the group attacks that I had no choice but to use the instant heal. That worked out cause the blink gave me additional time to rebuff and attack, think, say a quick rosary, cry, drink, regroup, or throw something.

I let the trash attack me on the 4th round so I went into the main event with 3 breaks on everyone waiting to go, that helped me loads, especially on Arc. The whole battle I had my finger trigger happy on Arc’s break in case he hit me, and that’s pretty much how I won, coupled with Rinoa’s & Hope’s bursts crippling him, and Alphinaud spamming waterga.

I think in hindsight a RW with major regen and another magic boost would have been better since SS really didn’t benefit me much.  I have Krile’s Sheepsong but I just couldn’t fit her in. I would have subbed her for Edward, but I needed the full break. Don’t you love how DeNA always has you in a pickle?  I wish everyone the best of luck, and if anyone else who is as unlucky as me with no walls has a question, I’m happy to help. And if all else fails, there’s always the wine, which stacks with anything.


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