JP Week in Review - Week 2017-11

posted 3 months ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

 Hope you've had another awesome week and are getting pumped for the upcoming festivities!


We've slowed down a little in the Japanese version of the game this week and it's been nice to catch a breather. Let's get to it -


JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFIV event Destined Confrontation, Awakening Power

  • Introduction of Rubicante: Black 5, White 5, Darkness 5
  • New Ninja 5 ability Water Mirage: 1 x ST Water physical damage, self blink and enter blink stack mode
  • New Ninja 5 ability Torrential Seal: 2-4 ST Water physical damage, additional hits depending on number of blinks on self.
  • New USB released for Edge
  • New BSB released for Paladin Cecil, Rubicante, Cid (IV)
  • New LM relics released for Rosa, Edge, Paladin Cecil and Kain


Nightmare Dungeons

  • Ruby Dragon (VIII) has rotated out with new addition Golbez (IV) rotating in with the standard set of 3 dungeons. I am constantly surprised by DeNA's ability to keep throwing new Nightmares out that seem harder than the rest, keep an eye out for this one!


Challenging the Abyss Campaign launched

  • During the campaign all Abyss dungeons will only consume half stamina
  • 10 days worth of login bonuses up for grabs - don't miss out!
  • Balance changes to 6* abilities Dervish, Ultima, Neo Bahamut and Omega Drive. All getting a buff, some buzz around Dervish in particular.


White Day Campaign

  • 10 additional mythril up for grabs as daily login bonuses - don't miss out!
  • A mammoth Male only White Day lucky draw has been released - one half price 11 pull, SSB or better relics for all the male characters in the game. The pool is too big to really look into, just close your eyes and pull!


Dr Mog Selection Vol 3 released

  • Typical selection banner which can be pulled on once, but this one actually has BSB relics in the selection menu! Check it out in game to see if there is anything you might like!


FFRK Report #20 released

  • As anticipated DeNA released the next FFRK Report hours after the last JP Week in Review. Peeking into the future of the future we see:
  • Event Schedule is FFIV (ongoing), FFXV, FFXI and FFV.
  • Everything else covered further in this review, though it has been suggested another report will be forthcoming this month.



And I think that's a wrap for this week. We're expecting additional maintenance and the release of the new Magicite system next week so do tune in to find out how this exciting new addition will work!



As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.  

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