JP Week in Review - Week 2017-12

posted 4 months ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had another awesome week and have met success with the first Always Lucky Banner!


A momentous week in the Japanese version of the game with our first proper FFXV event, a proper XI event and also the introduction of the Magicite update. This is a significant change for the game so let's get to it!


JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFXV event Journey with Sworn Friends

  • Introduction of Gladiolus: Combat 5, Knight 5, Samurai 5
  • Introduction of Iris: White 5, Dancer 4, Monk 3
  • New Celerity 5 ability Ripple Rush: 4-7 x ST physical damage, number of hits scale with amount of attacks used (not hits dealt).
  • New OSB released for Gladiolus
  • New BSB released for Gladiolus, Iris
  • New LM relics released for Noctis and Gladiolus


Launch of the FFXI event Shadow Lord's Awakening

  • Introduction of Aphmau: White 5, Summon 5, Monk 3
  • Introduction of Zeid: Combat 5, Darkness 5, Spellblade 3, Black 3
  • New Darkness 5 ability Dread Weapon: 2 x ST Dark physical damage, absorb HP based on damage dealt.
  • New USB released for Curilla, Aphmau and Lion
  • New OSB released for Ayame
  • New BSB released for Aphmau, Zeid
  • New LM relics released for Curilla, Aphmau, Ayame and Lion


Nightmare Dungeons

  • Bahamut (FFIII) has rotated back in as a recurring appearance, another chance to take a shot at these three nightmare dungeons if you missed them previously!


Episode: Magicite Update

  • This is a significant update which I will cover in summary. There are many excellent write ups available on some of the popular messaging services so check them out if you would like some more detailed information.
  • New Magicite dungeons have been added which are accessible via the Abyss Dungeons. All Abyss dungeons must be cleared to gain access.
  • Magicite dungeons feature elementally themed single round boss fights.
  • Magicite dungeons are ranked at a new 350 "Insanity" difficulty. They are extremely difficult and I have struggled extensively to just kill them a couple of times.
  • Magicite dungeons require 60 stamina and a Magicite key, both of which are only consumed upon victory.
  • Magicite keys are typically obtained via daily login - 1 per day, maximum of 15 can be held.
  • If you can manage to defeat a Magicite boss, you will win some Magicite via item drop and also completion rewards.
  • Magicite can be equipped via your party screen, the interface has been changed to accomodate this.
  • Magicite can be used in battle similar to Roaming Warriors. It seems any party member can activate them when available and the Magicite summon will perform some entry action and then fight alongside your party for a set duration (actions are intermittent, maybe every few turns).
  • Magicite can be developed extensively - they can be levelled up, combined to break level caps etc.


I think that's a wrap for this week. We're expecting some new additions soon such as a summoner themed lucky draw and and upcoming FFV event. Do tune in next week to hear what other exciting things DeNA have in store for us!



Hold on to your seats - time to splurge those mythrils!!!!!



Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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