JP Week in Review - Week 2017-14

posted 2 weeks ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had another awesome week with a gentle landing from the 2nd Anniversary and have had fun reviewing all of your new relics!

The Japanese version of the game has seen a fairly standard but fun packed week so let's get to it!


JP Week In Review!


Launch of the FFV Event Four Hearts

  • No new characters this week
  • New Spellblade 5 ability Quake Strike: 2 x AOE Earth Physical Damage
  • New USB released for Bartz, Faris and Exdeath
  • New BSB for Bartz and Dorgann. I believe this makes Bartz the first character with three BSB relics!
  • New LM relics released for Bartz, Faris, Galuf and Exdeath.
  • New Dress Record for Faris - Princess Sarisa!


Launch of special Ultros Event

  • Home Screen of FFRK hijacked by Ultros
  • Official FFRK JP twitter account hijacked by Ultros
  • Bonus dungeon to face ??? difficulty Ultros. Apparently unkillable by conventional methods, you must figure out the hidden mechanic to win.
  • Free shared 6* relic - Tentacle! VI synergy rod with shared OSB at 25.8 multiplier. Not that great but as a free stat stick it's really, really good!
  • 8 x apology mythril issued: Ultros was supposed to be recruitable as a playable character, but he ran away. Also as reparation for the twitter account being hijacked.


Dungeon Update 37 Released

  • Taking us back to FFIII, FFV and CC:VII (new realm portal in story dungeons!)
  • Recurrence of the JP style DU lucky banner - 1 free single pull, everything else full price.
  • Recurrence of limited time half price stamina for all story dungeons. A great chance to catch up or keep up!


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFV Nightmare has rotated back in, so a good chance to knock out any of the dungeons or cid missions that you might have missed before!


And I think that's a wrap for this week. Not a huge week but a lot of fun, particularly the April 1 Ultros event. I expect there will be another FFRK report hours after this review hits the wild (thanks DeNA), so do tune in next week to hear what exciting new things are in store!


As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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