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Editor note: This post was sent to FFRK Central on March 29th and the editor (Pierre) took forever to publish it. Please keep this in mind as you read the article.

My thoughts on FFRK’s second year anniversary, and what lies ahead, from a Day 1 player:

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who were asking me for a follow-up to the first column I wrote. I honestly don’t even know where to start. There are so many new and exciting developments in the works for this mobile game it makes me wonder how someone picking it up for the first time would fare. 

As far as the anniversary goes, I think DeNa did quite a good job on the banners, and boy do they know how to sucker us in!  Just when you think you might have somewhere close to the amount of mythril needed to pull on each of the banners, they throw in 3 lucky banners, days before, to really get your goat. (BTW, Goat gotten, pulled every time).

While we’re on the topic of pulls, I’d like to respond to the gentleman who spent 21k a year on relics. To this man, I say THANK YOU, for reassuring myself that I wasn’t as crazy as I thought I was with pulling. I mean come on, we’ve all been there.  You see a banner with something you really want, and your excited to pull, then you get a 1/11 and it’s a duplicate. Ok, so you were kind of expecting it, (at least I always am), so you get ready for pull number 2 and guess what happens…? You just got a 2/11, both duplicates of the duplicate you just got. Well before you know it, you’ve pulled 4 – 5 times with something you only half wanted and then you have to will yourself into being ok with that. See unlike the gentleman who wrote the article, the money isn’t-a-flowin’ in my house like it is his. I too, went to the fancy colleges, and went to grad school, but I guess I took a step out of bounds somewhere, because not once have I ever bought 3 Leviathan packs and went to town. It’s a dream I’ve had, never a reality.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just buy the relic you wanted for a crazy number of gems? That would be the one change I’d make to relics, and probably the reason why DeNa would fire me.  Everyone from the site and twitter who knows me knows that there are two things I’ve been missing since day 1. Wall, and Pecil – (My last attempt at Pecil was the Ultros banner – 10 pulls). I would like to immediately defend those 10 pulls by saying my birthday was 3 days before and because I’m no fool I requested iTunes gift cards in lieu of anything else. I only care about Pecil because he was my first favorite character, and honestly even if I did receive any of his relics, I wouldn’t even use him as my mage team is pretty much unbeatable. Now wall is a different story.  To those of you who have it, imagine doing all the toughest battles without it. Try picturing the torments or the nightmares always having to RW Stoneskin, or Shout. (I just got Shout on Saturday…woohoo). It SUCKS! But hey I’ve managed to keep up with the best of them.  And to get back to the point of this paragraph – I would most certainly spend maybe 5,000 or even 10,000 gems on Stoneskin right now. (And probably more from Pecil, he’s my white whale).

To sum the anniversary up, I think the game is doing a wonderful job with new updates and new features. I was looking at the upgrade screen earlier, remembering a simpler time, back before there was an Orb Exchange, breaking level caps, and record spheres (STILL NO EIKO WTF!). It has definitely come a long way and it really keeps me busy, so much so that I forgot about my half-finished Final Fantasy XV. The addition of the Nightmare and Torment dungeons definitely made the game much tougher and enjoyable. I can only imagine what aggravation; sorry I mean fun, the Magicite dungeons will bring. I also love how they made Nemesis more interactive, displaying an Honor Rolls of sorts to those who have vanquished him.

I’d also like to take a minute and discuss how grateful I am to this site, and the person behind it.  I have been playing Final Fantasy for 30 years - I got the original for my NES back when I was 9ish. My whole life I was the only person I knew who played RPG’s – and that’s ok, that’s why they make guidebooks. There was just something always missing, I would hear my friends talk strategy about Madden and wanted the same. Well thanks to FFRK.Central I finally got what I was looking for… It may have taken 30 years but it was well worth the wait. What Pierre has done on this site is nothing short of a miracle. From the Roaming Warrior list, to announcements, you can even sync your game to the site for a more in-depth look at your party and equipment. But even better than that, it’s the people I have met and the friends I have made that really make this site worthwhile. I talk to Brandon almost, if not more than I do my own spouse, and I never expected someone halfway around the world to wish me a Happy Birthday from the Aussie who loves the torments as much I do.  For all these reasons, Thank you Pierre, I hope nothing but more continued success comes your way.

And by the way, if you’re having a hard time with pulls or with a boss battle, remember what I said about the wine.  And if it’s Infinity Nemesis that’s tying you down, you might have to upgrade to Xanax. And in case you were wondering about those 10 Ultros pulls, got everything but, wait for it, Pecil, and the Onion Knights burst.

Pip Pip!


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