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JP Week in Review - Week 2017-16

posted 4 months ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you're enjoying the post anniversary catch up and the buzz of the anticipated bevy of FFXI beauties joining us soon.


We've had another quite week in the Japanese version of the game which to be honest is a nice opportunity to catch your breath and recharge before things ramp up again at the end of the month. Let's check it out!


JP Week in Review!


Launch of the FFII event Inherited Blazing Will

  • Overhaul of event structure: this is a beta test, which sees the full event content all the way up to 220 released on day one. This is shorter with only one page of dungeons (no part one/part two). A few days later, a second mini set of revenge dungeons from a previous FFII event were added. Over all the change seems positive if a big break from the familiar format.
  • Introduction of Scott: Spellblade 5, Combat 4, Knight 4, White 4, Black 3
  • New Spellblade 5 ability Freeze Strike: 2 x AOE ice physical damage.
  • New Darkness 5 ability Crimson Cross: 4 x ST dark physical damage, self 30% max HP damage.
  • New USB for Gordon, Minwu, Emperor, Leon
  • New BSB for Scott, Ricard, Josef
  • New LM Relics for Gordon, Minwu, Emperor, Leon


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFII rotates back in as a recurring dungeon with the standard set of 200/250/300 difficulties available. A good chance to clean up any dungeons or CM that you have missed before, or farm some orbs if that takes your fancy. 


Empower Wind/Water/Earth Lucky draw

  • One time half price 11 pull, SSB or better. This is potentially an amazing banner to pull on depending on your dupe situation with 24 empower element BSB present in a pool of 32 relics.


7th Nico Livestream held

  • This has largely been a massive preview of the upcoming 30th Anniversary celebrations to be held over Golden Week. I will share a link to the thread written by CareerSMN rather than cover it all at length again. Needless to say this appears to be a massive festival that will cast a huge shadow over even the amazing 2nd Anniverary celebrations. 
  • Event schedule announced a bit further out: FFII (ongoing), FFT, BraBra collab, FFIII.
  • Magicite wave 2 teased, including announcements of Holy and Dark magicites to be added and also a new story character - Shadow Smith. 


And I think that's a wrap for this week. Whoo boy does it look like a cracker end to the month, gird your mythrils and wallets because it looks like A30 is coming in hot!


As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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