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The following announcement is scheduled for April 20th at 06:00 PM PDT

New Feature: Chain Soul Breaks ■Chain Soul Breaks & Chains
-Using a Chain Soul Break temporarily boosts the damage of certain elemental attacks or abilities, and causes elemental attacks or abilities of the chain type to create a chain. The chain count is tracked separately for each individual enemy.
* The element or ability type boosted by a Chain Soul Break and the requirements for increasing the chain count vary depending on the Chain Soul Break.
-Active chains provide a damage bonus that increases with the chain count.
* Attacks that don't create a chain do not receive a damage bonus.
■Chain Effects
-As the chain count increases, the chain damage bonus grows.
-The chain count is capped at 99. When the chain count reaches 99, the damage bonus still applies, but the chain count and the amount of the damage bonus no longer grow.
-The chain damage bonus also applies to special attacks that deal fixed or proportional damage.
* Note that the general damage boost to certain elemental attacks and abilities while a Chain Soul Break is active does NOT apply to special attacks that deal fixed or proportional damage.
* Cure and other healing abilities do not gain elemental or ability damage bonuses when used to heal enemies, but they do gain the bonuses when used to deal damage to enemies.
* Other factors that would normally affect the damage of attacks and abilities are still taken into account when determining the final amount of damage dealt while a chain is active.
■Increasing the Chain Count
-Each attack is considered when determining whether to increase the chain count. If an ability deals multiple attacks, each attack will increase the count.
-Attacks that deal damage from multiple elements will count towards the chain if any of the elements match the chain type.
-Attacks that miss do not increase the chain count.
-Attacks that are nullified or absorbed will increase the chain count, as long as they successfully hit.
-Certain abilities and Soul Breaks that don't deal direct damage (such as debuff attacks, or damage over time effects) do not increase the chain count.
-When an enemy's HP reaches 0, the chain count for that enemy resets.
-If an enemy's attack is reflected back on an enemy while a chain is active, attacks that match the element of an element chain will increase the chain count, but attacks that match the ability type of an ability chain will not increase the chain count.
■Chain Icons
-While a chain is active, actions that will increase the chain count are marked with a chain icon.
* Actions that have a random component or whose effects change depending on whether the user has Summon Strike are not marked with a chain icon, even though they may still increase the chain count.
* Abilities that cannot target enemies are not marked with a chain icon.
-If an enemy target does not have a HP gauge displayed, the chain count will not be shown.
■Additional Notes
-If another Chain Soul Break is used while a chain is active, the chain counts reset and the chain type changes to that of the most recently used Chain Soul Break.
* Using the same Chain Soul Break while a chain is active will still reset the chain count.
-Chains end when the chain timer expires, all enemies are defeated or removed from battle, or if you use Continue to extend the battle.
-Chains may end slightly more quickly in multiplayer raids due to the differing number of party members.

See the Official Strategy Site for more information.

Chain Soul Breaks Information

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