The Crystal Chronicles podcast is over and FFRK Central's future

posted 3 months ago by Pierre - Comment this post

When I started working on FFRK Central in August 2015, I wasn't sure where it would take me. What started with a desire to see how FFRK worked turned into a 20-month long adventure from which incredible things such as the FFRK Slack chat and the Crystal Chronicles podcast emerged.

Thruout the last few months, my interest (and the time invested) in FFRK declined and I started to feel that I no longer had the required credibility to host The Crystal Chronicles. While Ben, Mark and Derek were nothing but incredibly supportive, the fact that I had nothing but my usual mispronunciations to contribute to the show really irritated me and I could see that it affected the quality of the episodes we were producing.

After talking with the guys about it once more, we decided to take a week off and see how we felt afterwards. Unfortunately, after thinking about it all week, I could but realise that the motivation was no longer in me. I had barely played the last event past obtaining the new characters and even that felt like a chore. I waited as much as I could, hoping I'd feel any different but nothing changed. So after one more discussion with the guys, we all agreed that the time had come for us to end our collaboration after 58 incredible episodes. I'm going to miss those Wednesday night talks and our loyal Twitch crew. We worked really hard to give quality content to our listeners and I hope it showed. 

Now, about FFRK Central. I don't think I'm going to be making much more development, mostly for the same reasons I've mentioned above. Because of this, I have terminated the Patreon campaign because it doesn't feel right to take people hard earned money and give nothing in exchange. While I don't plan on shutting down the site, I'm going to be adjusting a few things over the next few weeks, mostly for financial reasons. You're welcome to keep using the profile feature of the site as long as it keeps working and I'll try to make the small adjustments here and there when new game updates break the site. This being said, I will no longer be making maintenance datamining posts or other major feature development. I'm also going to be slowing down my implication around the @ffrkcentral Twitter feed.

FFRK Slack chat. Don't worry, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The FFRK Slack community is a thing of its own and it doesn't belong to me. It's gonna keep being active, awesome and alive for as long as people still use it and I'll still hang around, that's for sure.

To end this already long post, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone on FFRK Slack chat, our loyal Twitch viewers and everybody who supported this project thru Twitter and Facebook. I know it's ridiculously cliché but I couldn't have done it without your support. While I can't help feeling like I'm letting everybody down, I hope you'll understand my decision and that you won't hold it against me too much.

For those who would like to keep in touch, you're welcome to follow me on Twitter at @Fuitad. I can also be reached by email at Fuitad [at] Gmail [dot] com.

Thank you and take care!

-- Pierre

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