Upcoming In-App Announcement - Bonus Battles Added

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The following announcement is scheduled for May 14th at 06:00 PM PDT

Battle of Aeons (Apocalypse +)
Added to Bonus Battles!
Ultimate, Ultimate ++, and Apocalypse + dungeons added to the ongoing Dreaming's End event!
Complete all of the Part 2 dungeons to unlock them.
Starting this event, the battles from Ultimate onward have increased difficulty. The rewards in those dungeons have also been given an overhaul, so be sure to give them a try!
Complete the added dungeons to get a 5★ Tidus's Necklace (X)!
New Accessory 5★ Tidus's Necklace (X)
Effect: +15 Attack, adds moderate water resistance.

Get a Memory Crystal III Lode! Complete the Ultimate dungeon to get a Memory Crystal III Lode to use in the Hall of Rites, and use it to raise a hero's level cap to 99!

New Mission Complete the Forest of Wandering Thought (Ultimate ++) dungeon in the ongoing Dreaming's End event with a party of FINAL FANTASY X heroes!

See Event Rules for more details.

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