Upcoming In-App Announcement - FF X Conquest Battles Added!

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The following announcement is scheduled for May 14th at 06:00 PM PDT

New FF X Conquest Battles Now Open!
Conquer Yunalesca Ultimate + and Apocalypse +
Raid Duration 5:00 PM 5/14 PST (1:00 AM 5/15 UTC) to 4:59 PM 5/21 PST (12:59 AM 5/22 UTC)
・Raid Dungeons can be entered by Multiplayer Raid parties of up to 4 players OR by Solo Raid parties comprised of up to 5 of your heroes.
・Although you need a certain amount of Stamina to enter a Multiplayer Raid dungeon, the Stamina is not actually used until you complete the dungeon. If you lose the battle or quit the dungeon before completing it, you won't lose any Stamina.
Get 4★ Motes! Complete the Conquer Yunalesca - Ultimate + and Apocalypse + dungeons to get valuable 4★ motes!
4★ motes unlock higher level Record Spheres, which awaken great power residing in the Hero Records!
Use the 4★ motes to raise the Sphere Level of your favorite heroes, and unlock powerful Sphere Skills!

Get 3★ Motes! Complete the Conquer Yunalesca Ultimate + dungeon to get motes to raise the Sphere Levels of heroes who can use Record Spheres.

* The mote types available differ in each event.
* Go to Upgrades & Inventory → Record Spheres to use Record Spheres.
Raid Message Board The Raid Message Board at the Official Strategy Site is the place to share information and recruit raid members.

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