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Upcoming In-App Announcement - New Event Underway

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The following announcement is scheduled for May 18th at 06:00 PM PDT

Event Now Open!
Recruit FF IV heroes!
The Last of the Red Wings challenge event launched at 5:00 PM 5/18 PST (1:00 AM 5/19 UTC).

Duration5:00 PM 5/18 PST (1:00 AM 5/19 UTC) to 4:59 PM 5/28 PST (12:59 AM 5/29 UTC)

Complete the event dungeons to get rewards! Get a Wardrobe Record! Complete classic dungeons to obtain Kain's Holy Dragoon wardrobe record!

* If you get a Wardrobe Record for a hero you haven't recruited, you automatically get their Hero Record, too!
Recruit FF IV heroes! Complete the classic dungeons to recruit Ceodore, Yang, Palom, and Porom. Complete the elite dungeons to get Memory Crystals for these heroes and Kain!

* If you've already recruited one of the featured heroes, or have already acquired a particular Memory Crystal, you'll receive a Greater Growth Egg instead.

Get Memory Crystal IIs Complete the + and ++ dungeons to get Kain Memory Crystal II, Ceodore Memory Crystal II, Yang Memory Crystal II, Palom Memory Crystal II, Porom Memory Crystal II!

* If you've already acquired a particular Memory Crystal II, you'll receive a Major Growth Egg instead.

Get items to use in the Hall of Rites! Get a Soul of a Hero, Memory Crystal Lode, and Memory Crystal II Lode to use in the Hall of Rites to restore the Hero Records of some of the many heroes previously released and break their level caps!

Get Motes! Complete the + and harder dungeons to get motes to raise the Sphere Levels of heroes who can use Record Spheres!

* The number of motes available varies in each event.

New Record Spheres Added! Record Spheres added for:

Use motes to raise your heroes’ Sphere Skills!

* Heroes must be Level 65 or higher to use Record Spheres.
* See "Record Spheres" in the Help menu in the Library for more information.

See Event Rules for more details.

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