JP Week in Review - Week 2017-20

posted 4 months ago by Australian Derek - Comment this post

Hope you've had an awesome week testing yourselves on the new 180 CM and 220 A+ fights. We've had some great clears shared on the FFRK Slack Chat so do join us if you need some help or just want to get involved with the community! 


Back to a short week in the Japanese version of the game, let's check it ou!


JP Week in Review!


Launch of FFIII Event Rainbow of the Water Maiden

  • Introduction of Aria: WHM 5, Bard 5, Dancer 4, Support 3
  • No new abilities this week 
  • New USB released for Refia, Cloud of Darkness, Desch
  • New BSB released for Aria, Arc
  • New LM relics released for Refia, Arc, Aria, Cloud of Darkness, Desch, Ingus (Banner format changed to include an extra LMR)
  • Event returns to the format trialled with the last FFII event - shorter one page event released in full day one, Revenge battles from previous event added as bonus battles. 


Nightmare Dungeons

  • FFIII Bahamut rotates back in, a good chance to catch up on any dungeons or CM you might have missed previously, or maybe farm some orbs!


Enholy/Endark Lucky Banner released

  • One time pull, half price, enholy/endark SSB or better. This one has had a lukewarm reception and I actually skipped myself. A great chance to fill out your holy/dark teams if they're coming up short, but not a lot of S Rank gets if you already have an established BSB team for those elements. 


And there you have it, a chance to catch our breath! Do tune in next week to hear what exciting new things DeNA has in store; we're expecting another XV event today and the next Record Mission campaign to kick off in a couple of days time. 



As always, keep up the good work and keep saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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