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Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.

Due to the delays in resolving recent issues, the following campaigns will be held as a sign of our appreciation of your patience and understanding.

▼Double Gysahl Greens Campaign
The amount of Gysahl Greens obtained in Daily Dungeons will be doubled during the following period.
12:00 AM 5/23 PST (8:00 AM 5/23 UTC) to 11:59 PM 5/29 PST (7:59 AM 5/30 UTC)

10 Mythril and the 5★ ability Hailstorm have been added to the Fat Chocobo's Gysahl Exchange, so don't miss them!

▼Special Login Bonus
5 Mythril will be given every day during the period below.
A total of 50 Mythril is available, so be sure to log in to claim it!
Please note that the Mythril cannot be obtained before or after the times below.
5:00 AM 6/1 PST (1:00 PM 6/1 UTC) to 4:59 AM 6/11 PST (12:59 PM 6/11 UTC)

We hope you continue to enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.

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