FFRKCentral changelog - 20170704

posted 2 weeks ago by Pierre - Comment this post

Hello everyone,

I pushed a new code release of the site this morning. Nothing major but still a few overdue fixes. Here is the list of changes I made:

  • Site
    • Chain Soulbreaks are now correctly identified.
  • RW profile signatures (like this one)
    • Now working for characters of the XV and Beyond realms
    • Chain and Ultra soulbreaks are now correctly identified
    • Units of level >80 are now correctly identified

Also, I created a github project to help me track feature requests and bug reports. If you want to request a feature or report something that is broken, please open an issue on the project page.


If you enjoy this site and want to give a token of appreciation, please consider throwing some change in my tip jar :D. 


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