JP Week in Review - Week 2017-25

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Hope you've had an awesome week counting your winnings from the Summer Relic Festival and that any pulls on Cloud's Awakening were good ones!


It's been another quiet week in the Japanese version of the game (which is nice while we're dealing with a festival in Global), with the biggest news for the week being more about what's coming soon. Let's check it out:



JP Week in Review!


Launch of FFIX Event A Song from her Memory

  • Introduction of Marcus: Thief 5, Combat 4, Celerity 4, Support 4
  • New USB released for Garnet, Vivi (quite good), Steiner (questionable)
  • New BSB released for Steiner, Marcus
  • LM relics appear for Garnet, Eiko, Vivi, Zidane, Steiner, Kuja
  • New mechanic introduced: Record Link. The way this works is Eiko gets another (small) sphere added to her grid. This grid requires special Eiko motes to dive. You obtain Eiko motes progressively as you dive through Marcus' spheres. Fortunately you don't have to go all the way through Marcus' spheres to get the motes so the investment in him just for the sake of the Eiko motes is fairly modest if they're something you're interested in. The new Eiko spheres only award DEF+3, HP +150 and WHT Healing +3%. It is expected this mechanic will feature heavily moving forward. 


Launch of special event Skill Battle

  • This is a new type of mini event that's basically some free rewards and another chance to play for bragging rights. Players face off against a Gilgamesh boss who does not attack the player; the player has a set number of rounds to incur as much damage as they can before Gilgamesh flees. Damage will be tallied and displayed at the end with your highest score saved. There are two versions of the battle:
    • Full Throttle limited to two soul break gauges. Standard FT rules apply (cannot gain additional gauge or transfer gauge). 
    • Zero Throttle: Party members start with empty soul break gauges. Standard FT rules apply (cannot gain additional gauge or transfer gauge). This one takes soulbreaks off the table, you will have to see what you can do with abilities and materia. 


Nightmare Dungeons

  • No new additions this week, with the FFIX nightmare dungeons rotating back in. A good chance to catch up on any of the IX nightmare dungeongs or cid missions you've missed before, or maybe farm some orbs!


Dungeon Update 40 Released

  • Taking us back to X-2, XI and FFT
  • Recurrence of the JP style DU lucky banner - 1 free single pull, everything else full price.
  • Recurrence of limited time half price stamina for all story dungeons. A great chance to catch up or keep up!


FFRK Report July Special Edition

  • Another very exciting update, there are a couple of key items discussed. Please check the official JP site or your favorite resource for more detailed information, but in summary:
  • Beta trial of Dr Mog's Advice upgrade: Mog will hopefully be less drunk. Will also offer tips on things like elemental weaknesses, break resistances, status vulnerabilities etc, and will be a lot more concise. 
  • Ability balance adjustment: this one is a huge deal, very exciting but too much to cover here. Essentially most 5* abilities and some 6* abilities will be getting generously buffed. For example, chain-ga spells and 5* spellblades will all be increased from 2 hits to 4 hits. There will also be some more general changes:
    • All abilities except lifesiphon/wrath will rececive an increase to soul break gauge generation (!)
    • All summoning abilities will start at two uses and go up to six uses at max rank.
  • Daily dungeon renewal is scheduled to commence July 11. The new schedule has been released on the official site and various other official resources like the twitter account. There are some other interesting changes:
    • While there will still be two orbs available most days, they will be split into separate dungeons so you can really focus on the type you want. 
    • Major orbs will only drop in EX difficulty and Crystals will only drop in EX+ difficulty; no overlap so you have to focus on one or the other. Both difficulties will also drop lower rarity orbs. 
    • EXP/Gil/Upgrade Material dungeons will now be available every day, along with a new Orb Prarie dungeon which will drop any type of orbs. On Sundays these daily dungeons will all have an additional difficulty added which will be even more rewarding, meaning Sunday will remain the best time to level. 
  • Mote dungeon renewal is scheduled to commence July 25. The format will be changed significantly:
    • Mote dungeons will be available permenantly on a 2 day rotation (similar to how nightmare dungeons are operating but on a shorter turn around). 
    • Each boss in the rotation will feature an elemental weakness.
    • The bosses will be in time attack format where you will receive better rewards for faster clears (similar to magicite). 
    • Mote dungeons will be in Full Throttle format with a restriction of one gauge.
  • Super Fes teased: scheduled to commence July 14, including a revenge dungeon campaign, a special Protect the Espers event (seems like it will have a Crystal Tower type party lock format), and a set of 3 fest banners which are suggested to feature now CSB and OSB relics not seen before. 


And I think that's it for this week. Wow, so much more exciting stuff coming up! I think one of the implications of the ability overhaul is that there is probably a significant difficulty spike coming soon. It's tiring to consider how hectic things are going to be, particularly if the new mote dungeons are lucrative to farm because there are already so many options competing for your stamina. It looks like it's going to be a banger of a month so do tune in next week to find out how it's going!



As always, keep up the good work and start saving those mythrils!


Best wishes from Australia, Derek.

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