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posted 2 weeks ago by Pierre - Comment this post

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to announce that the Drop table feature I've been meaning to make available for over a year now is finally live! Curious to see what enemy drops what and what are the chances for each item? Simply look at any dungeon page to find out! For example, did you know that when you defeat Ahriman in the FFIII Mote dungeon, you have a 30% chance of receiving an Onion Knight mote? It's true!

For those wondering, the data powering this new feature is obtained by the FFRK Central datamining backend and is no way related to the player profiles. I'm also working on a different page that will allow you to search for specific items and/or materials and find where's the best place currently available to farm them.

Let me know what you think in the comments or in the #ffrkcentraldotcom channel in Slack chat!

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