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The following announcement is scheduled for July 15th at 06:00 PM PDT

A new Jump Start Dungeon opens at 5:00 PM 7/16 PST (1:00 AM 7/17 UTC).

Jump Start Dungeons feature a Jump Start Battle against enemies that appeared in an ongoing event.
・Each Jump Start Dungeon is assigned a specific realm. They are scheduled to be opened alongside events of the same realm.
・Although you need a certain amount of Stamina to enter a Jump Start Dungeon, the Stamina is not actually used until you complete the dungeon. If you lose the battle or quit the dungeon before completing it, you won't lose any Stamina.
・If you can't complete a Jump Start Dungeon during the time it's available, you can try again the next time an event of the same realm is open.

Jump Start Battles In Jump Start Battles, your heroes begin the battle with full Soul Break gauges, but cannot charge the Soul Break gauge during battle.
* Record Materia and abilities that increase the Soul Break gauge fill rate have no effect.

* See Help → Battle → Jump Start Battles for more details.
Record Synergy + activates in Jump Start Dungeons. It increases the stats of heroes from the corresponding realm even more than Record Synergy.
* Only heroes' stats are increased. Equipment stats and EXP gain are not increased.
* See Library → Help → Record Synergy → Record Synergy + for more details.

FF X heroes pack extra punch in the new Jump Start Dungeon!

Be prepared! Get new heroes in the Realm Dungeons, and use the Daily Dungeons to build up your party and abilities now!

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