Upcoming In-App Announcement - Bonus Battles Added

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The following announcement is scheduled for July 16th at 06:00 PM PDT

Seymour Omnis (Apocalypse +) Added to Bonus Battles!Ultimate, Ultimate ++, and Apocalypse + dungeons added to the ongoing Dra Al Bhed event.
Complete all of the Elite dungeons to unlock them.
Complete the added dungeons to get a 5★ Rikku's Goggles (X)!
New Accessory 5★ Rikku's Goggles (X)
Effect: +15 Defense, add moderate resistance to Stop.

Get Memory Crystal III Lode Complete the Ultimate dungeon to get a Memory Crystal III Lode to use in the Hall of Rites, and use it to raise a hero's level cap to 99!
* Go to the Hall of Rites to check available Memory Crystal IIIs.

New Mission Complete the Vyedrmacc Vyodr (Ultimate ++) dungeon in the ongoing Dra Al Bhed event with a party of FINAL FANTASY X heroes!

See Event Rules for more details.

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