In-App Announcement - Changes Regarding Data Transfers

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Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.
At 5:00 AM 8/2 PST (1:00 PM 8/2 UTC), the following changes will be made to the game's data transfer function:

・Discontinuation of the one-time password for transferring an account's game data.

After the above date, players who wish to switch devices or add their game data to another device will need to link it to a Facebook, iTunes Game Center, or Google account.

■ Linking an account
You can link your game data to a social account from the Manage Account menu.

Please note:
* Even for those players who do not intend to transfer their game data to another device, we strongly recommend linking to a social account to preserve game data in unexpected cases of device damage or loss.
* Content and discontinuation date may change without notice.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and hope you continue to enjoy FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.

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