The Crystal Chronicles Episode 61 - Kupo, you know what I mean? - is now available

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The Crystal Chronicles Episode 61 - Kupo, you know what I mean? - is now available!

On this episode of The Crystal Chronicles, your hosts Pierre, Mark and John discuss:

  • Tyro Selection Banner Vol. 2 - the great G11 conspiracy
  • DeNA removing One Time Transfer codes, what this means for FFRK Central account sync feature
  • Quick recap of upcoming events
  • Current events
    • "Into the Fray" (Type-0)
    • "Torment" (FF10) - farm those Major Dark Orbs!
    • "As the Sky Falls" (FF8)
  • Coming Soon
    • Magicite Dungeons (Elemental Banners)
    • Super Fest (??)
    • 30th Anniversary Banners (??)
  • Discussion
    • Preparing for Magicite - Elemental Teams
    • How do you manage your inventory?
    • Who is the real villain of FFRK?
  • FFRK JP "Week in Review" (Credits: Australian Derek)

Links mentioned in this episode:

Intro Music: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD OST - The Beginning of the End -

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