Growth eggs and motes now visible in profiles and dungeon pages updated

posted 2 weeks ago by Pierre - Comment this post

Hello everyone! I have a few site updates for you.

1. FFRK profiles

The FFRK profiles now display the player's growth eggs and motes! If your profile indicates you have no mote, just do a synchronization and you will be able to see them!

By the way, it seems like the one-time code feature has not been pulled offline yet so if you considered using the account sync feature of this site, I suggest you do it sooner rather than later.

2. Dungeon pages

Even if I'm not done redoing the monster abilities section of the dungeon pages, I went ahead and pushed the new dungeon pages anyway. The new look, which was taken from the JP version of FFRK, is much cleaner and makes it easier to see what are the strength and weaknesses of each monster. Just visit any dungeon page (such as Thirst for Victory ++, from the current FFVIII event) and click on the "Enemies" tab to see the new version.

I hope you enjoy these changes :). To request a new feature, or to report a bug, please open an issue on the FFRK Central issue page at Github.

If you enjoy this site and want to give a token of appreciation, please consider throwing some change in my tip jar :D.

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