Upcoming In-App Announcement - Torment Dungeon Demon Soul Now Open!

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The following announcement is scheduled for August 8th at 06:00 PM PDT

Extremely Challenging Torment Dungeons Are Here! The Demon Soul Torment Dungeons opened at 5:00 PM 8/8 PST (1:00 AM 8/9 UTC.

Duration 5:00 PM 8/8 PST (1:00 AM 8/9 UTC) - 4:59 PM 8/22 PST (12:59 AM 8/23 UTC)
Torment Dungeons ・Torment Dungeons are formed from the lingering feelings of regret and loss in the heart of heroes, and play host to hordes of malevolent fiends.
Torment Dungeons will eventually be available for every installment in the FINAL FANTASY series.
・If you can't complete a Torment Dungeon during the time it's available, you can try again the next time it is open.
・Your maximum Stamina must be 60 or higher to enter a Torment Dungeon.

New Difficulty Setting! A new difficulty setting has been added to Demon Soul Torment Dungeons.
Record Synergy + Record Synergy + activates in these new dungeons. It increases the stats of heroes that the corresponding realm even more than Record Synergy.

* See Help → Record Synergy → Record Synergy + for more details.

Jump Start Battles Certain dungeons feature Jump Start Battles. In Jump Start Battles, your heroes begin the battle with full Soul Break gauges, but cannot charge the Soul Break gauge during battle.
* Record Materia and abilities that increase the Soul Break gauge fill rate have no effect.

* See Help → Battle → Jump Start Battles for more details.

New Mission Complete Demon Soul, Part 3 with a party including 3 or more FINAL FANTASY Tactics heroes!
Complete Demon Soul, Part 3 with a party including 2 or more FINAL FANTASY Tactics heroes!
Complete Demon Soul, Part 3 with a party including 1 or more FINAL FANTASY Tactics heroes!

Obtain Motes! Get 5★ Motes! Complete Demon Soul, Part 3 to get 5★ motes, used to unlock new powers found inside the Legend Spheres!

Get Empowered Motes! Complete Demon Soul, Part 1 to get Empowered Motes, used to unlock 6★ abilities with Empowered Spheres!

* The Empowered Mote types available differ in each Torment Dungeon.
* Go to Upgrades & Inventory → Record Spheres to use Record Spheres.
* 3★ and 4★ motes can be obtained as rewards in Multiplayer and Solo Raids.

See Event Rules for more details.

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