Upcoming In-App Announcement - Newcomers' Welcome Relic Draw Underway!

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The following announcement is scheduled for August 9th at 06:00 PM PDT

To welcome players who are new to the game, we've put together the following Relic Draws.

Newcomers' Welcome Relic Draw These Relic Draws feature equipment with Burst, Super, or Unique Soul Breaks for heroes from FINAL FANTASY VII, X, and XIII. The Newcomers' Welcome Relic Draw Rare Relic Draw ×11 is half-price for the first time only.
・Newcomers' Welcome Relic Draw (FF VII): 5:00 PM 8/9/2017 PST (1:00 AM 8/10/2017 UTC)
・Newcomers' Welcome Relic Draw (FF X): 5:00 PM 8/12/2017 PST (1:00 AM 8/13/2017 UTC)
・Newcomers' Welcome Relic Draw (FF XIII): 5:00 PM 8/16/2017 PST (1:00 AM 8/17/2017 UTC)

Please Note * This Relic Draw will include some equipment added to the game up until 8/1/2017.
* Half price 11x Relic Draw applies only to the Newcomers' Welcome Relic Draw. The price of other Relic Draws is not affected.
* A Relic Draw normally priced at 3000 Gems can be purchased for 1500 Gems.
* A Relic Draw normally priced at 50 Mythril can be purchased for 25 Mythril.
* The Relic Draw will return to the normal price from the second use onward.
* If you do not have the sufficient amount of Mythril when using Lucky Relic Draw, Gems can be combined with all of the remaining Mythril to perform the Relic Draw.
* If you possess Mythril equal to or higher than the amount required as displayed in the Relic Draw Screen, the option to combine Mythril and Gems will not be available.

Now's your chance to get equipment with Soul Breaks for heroes from FINAL FANTASY VII, X, and XIII! Go on, give it a try!

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