Thirst for Victory (++) FINAL FANTASY VIII - Elite


Seifer uses the group physical attack Bloodfest, and the group magic fire attack Fira, kupo, so use Protectga and Shellga to boost your defenses during the fight. Although he resists break debuffs, it's still worth using Power Breakdown and Magic Breakdown to weaken him! He's vulnerable to poison, so abilities like Biora Strike will send him reeling, kupo! Avoid using Odin, though, because Seifer will counter with the group physical attack Zantetsuken Reverse!
  • Lower Seifer's Attack.
  • Lower Seifer's Magic.
  • Lower Seifer's Defense.


  • 30000x Gil


  • 2x Major Dark Orb
  • 1x Rinoa Memory Crystal II
  • 2x Major Ice Orb

First Time

  • 42x Spirit Mote (3★)
  • 1x Memory Crystal II Lode
  • 1x Seifer Memory Crystal II