World of Darkness FINAL FANTASY III - Normal


The Ahriman's basic attack can Petrify your heroes, so bring Esuna along to this battle, kupo! It also uses Rake, a group physical attack, Lunge, a single-target physical attack that ignores Defense, and group magic attacks like Firaga and Meteor! Use Protectga and Shellga to bolster your defenses, and although it's resistant to break debuffs, you can still use abilities like Power Breakdown and Magic Breakdown to lower its Attack and Magic, kupo! When it gets low on HP, the Ahriman will sometimes cast Curaja to heal itself, so be ready for that! It's vulnerable to wind damage, so burst it down when it gets low with abilities like Tornado Strike, kupo!
  • Lower the Ahriman's Attack.
  • Lower the Ahriman's Magic.
  • Exploit the Ahriman's weakness to wind attacks.


  • 1500x Gil


  • 20x Dexterity Mote (4★)
  • 50x Wisdom Mote (4★)
  • 60x Vitality Mote (4★)

First Time

  • 30x Bravery Mote (4★)
  • 1x Mythril
  • 40x Spirit Mote (4★)