FFRKCentral Final Fantasy Record Keeper Slack Chat

FFRK Chat is a Slack Channel devoted to Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Simple Chat Interface

Slack is a great platform for communication. Everything is in one place and searchable. Available on web, mobile & desktop.

Help is available

You can find someone at most times of the day willing to help you with that impossible boss battle.

Made with Love

This community was started because we just love FFRK and Slack so much. They're both pretty great and we've taken care with the creation of this channel. Thank you everyone who has joined us so far, y'all are great!



Help! I didn't get my invite.

Uh oh! Sorry about that! We’ve noticed that the most common reason for this is because of a minor typo in the email. Also, it might usually take a minute or two for the invite to be emailed to you.

If you still haven’t gotten your invite after a few minutes send us a DM on twitter @ffrkcentral and we’ll help you out! :)

Why do we need a signup form?

Slack works by invite only, so in order to get you into FFRK Chat we need your email first. We know it’s a bit inconvenient but we feel that the benefits of Slack make it totally worthwhile. It really is a great service!

What are our channels?

This channel is for general discussion and getting to know each other.

For Success/Questions/Help/Discussion about FFRK Global (US).

For Success/Questions/Help/Discussion about the multiplayer aspect of FFRK Global (US).

For Success/Questions/Help/Discussion about FFRK Japan.

Discussion, suggestions, bug reports for FFRK Central.

All things Crystal Chronicles podcast. Ask questions. Ideas for the show. Feedback.

What are the Slack commands I can use in FFRK Chat?

There are lots of them! If you type / in Slack and wait a couple of seconds a list of possible commands will appear.

Here’s a handy dandy table, while you’re here…

FFRK Emoji :ff-[character]: Insert the image of the character in your message.
Slack /away Set your status to away
Slack /collapse Collapse all inline images and videro in the current channel (opposite of /expand)
Slack /expand Expand all inline images and video in the current channel (opposite of collapse)
Slack /feedback Send some feedback to Slack
Slack /me [your message] Sends your message in italics
Slack /msg (or /dm) @user [your message] Sends a message to the specified user
Slack /open (or /join) [channel] Switch context to the specified channel
Slack /prefs Open the preferences dialogue
Slack /remind me in [time] to [message] Get Slackbot to remind you of something in the specified time
Slack /shortcuts (or /keys) Open the shortcuts dialogue
Slack /shrug [your message] Appends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message
Slack /who Lists users in the current channel or group

This content of this page has been greatly inspired by LaraChat.

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Conquer the Golem
Until July, 30th

Type-0: Into the Fray
Until July, 30th

The Ravenous Deep
(FF X)
Until August, 1st

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