Datamined content - FFRK 20170314 game update - Images, events, relic draws, music and more!

Here's all the translated and new images I was able to datamine after today's maintenance. As always, click on any image to see the full version. 

Important: Anything not translated should be taken lightly since not everything ends up making it to Global.

Update 11:25 EDT: I've reorganized as many things as I could, given my current situation. Once I'm back home, I'll document the rest of the changes and finish organizing this page. You can take a break from refreshing this section for now. I will make a new blog post on the site once I've updated the page :).

Table of contents

Second Anniversary Event

New Characters/Dress Records





New Memory Crystals


New Abilities


New Record Materias



New Legend Materias


Teaser images for upcoming monthly dungeon updates

And their new rewards

Upcoming Daily Dungeon refresh








Upcoming events mini-banners


New battle drop icon

This is the drop icon for Prismariums, the event currency for collab event #915 - World of Final Fantasy - World of Grymoire 

Upcoming announcements mini-banners



Upcoming special events

Translated images for event #103 - FFII

Translated images for event #104 - A Love for All Time

Event #105 - FFIX - Rose of May

Event #106 - FFIII - Destroyer of Light and Dark

Event #107 - FFXI - Women of the World

Event #108 - FFT

Event #109 - FFXII

Event #110 - FFX

Event #406 - Torment Dungeon - FFIII - The Mad Dragon King


Event #407 - Torment Dungeon - FFT - Demon Soul


Event #544 - Spring Festival 2017

Event #545 - 2nd Anniversary Mythril Treasure Dungeon

Event #546 - "All-star" Challenge Event - The X Records - Beyond the Omega

Event #570 - FFVII

Event #571 - FFXIII

Event #572 - FFVIII

Event #573 - FFVI

Event #574 - FFII

Event #575 - FFIX

Event #915 - World of Final Fantasy - World of Grymoire

This collab event IS coming to Global

Event #916 - FFXV

Upcoming Multiplayer Events



Relic Draws

2nd anniversary Relic Draws

Upcoming Relic Draws tied to events











Dungeon Update Relic Draw banners



Other Relic Draw banners



New Multiplayer Stamps


Misc UI changes


This is a huge dump of every image that was added/modified during the maintenance. I'm currently working on cleaning and organizing them. Apologies for the duplicatas.


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Current events

Demon Soul
Until April, 26th

Keepers of Forbidden Power
Until April, 26th

The Feast of Souls
Until April, 26th

The Ravenous Deep
(FF X)
Until April, 26th

Dead from the Deep
(FF V)
Until April, 26th

Conquer Leviathan
Until April, 30th

Conquer Ifrit
Until April, 30th

Conquer the Mandragoras
Until April, 30th

Conquer Orthros
Until April, 30th

Women of the World
Until April, 30th

Crushdown Record

Until December, 31st

Ultima Record

Until December, 31st

Omega Drive Record

Until December, 31st

Valigarmanda Record

Until December, 31st

Dervish Record

Until December, 31st

Affliction Break Record

Until December, 31st

Curada Record

Until December, 31st

Northern Cross Record

Until December, 31st

Quadruple Foul Record

Until December, 31st

Neo Bahamut Record

Until December, 31st

Reraise Record

Until December, 31st

Meltdown Record

Until December, 31st

Current Relic Draws