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Join the Crystal Chronicles crew every week as they share information and strategies related to the mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Send us your questions by email at or in the #crystal_chronicles channel of the FFRK Slack Chat and we'll do our best to answer them on the show.

Latest episode

61 - Kupo, you know what I mean? - 1:23:28 - 2017/07/27

  • Tyro Selection Banner Vol. 2 - the great G11 conspiracy
  • DeNA removing One Time Transfer codes, what this means for FFRK Central account sync feature
  • Quick recap of upcoming events
  • Current events
    • "Into the Fray" (Type-0)
    • "Torment" (FF10) - farm those Major Dark Orbs!
    • "As the Sky Falls" (FF8)
  • Coming Soon
    • Magicite Dungeons (Elemental Banners)
    • Super Fest (??)
    • 30th Anniversary Banners (??)
  • Discussion
    • Preparing for Magicite - Elemental Teams
    • How do you manage your inventory?
    • Who is the real villain of FFRK?
  • FFRK JP "Week in Review" (Credits: Australian Derek)

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Intro Music: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD OST - The Beginning of the End -

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Past episodes

60 - I thought it was a gummy bear - 1:19:45 - 2017/07/12

On this episode of The Crystal Chronicles, your hosts Pierre, Mark, John and Derek discuss:

  • Quick recap of the last events, including the Summer festival and it's relic draws
  • Current events
    • FFXII - Pawn Among Kings
    • VII - Awakening Cloud
    • XIV On Azure Wings
  • FFRK JP "Week in Review", especially a whole bunch of abilities being changed (Credits: Australian Derek)
  • Discussion: FFRK original story line, our impression (email question from Sulyek)

Intro Music: FF7 - Fiddle de chocobo / Chocobo race theme HD OST -

Listen to this episode:

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The Feast of Souls
Until September, 20th

The Dark Mage
Until September, 26th

Conquer Argath
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Jump Start Dungeon (FFT)
Until September, 28th

Conquer Isilud
Until September, 28th

Sworn by Steel
Until September, 28th

Newcomers' Dungeons - FF VII
Until August, 9th

Newcomers' Dungeons - FF X
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Until August, 12th

Newcomers' Dungeons - FF XIII
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